We are a fully licensed studio based in Anerley near

 Crystal palace sports centre

 we use the most

 up to date medical sterilising procedures on all

of our equipment, single use needles, ink and

colour pots for every client. Steve has been

 tattooing for a good many  years and specializes in most

styles. You can see some of his work in the

 pictures gallery.



Your Tattoo experience is very important

 to us and everybody is treated well! we

 have a warm and friendly atmosphere

 and are only too pleased to help you

 with your design, you are given

 comprehensive after-care advice and an

 after-care sheet to take with you

 You can bring your own design with you

 or Steve can custom design one for you.

We also offer most piercings including surface and dermal 

anchors,we only use titanium jewellery for fresh

 piercings to minimize rejection!

you need to be 16 to have a piercing

or 18 if its a nipple or genital piercing if you are not sure then

give us a ring and we can advise you.